Monday, 27 February 2012

Margaret to Tom 27.2.42

Margaret to Tom 27.2.42

Would you believe it! it's the 27th already. Doesn't time fly?
We have just been paid "Oh, joyous day", said she breaking forth into song. But I shall not have that for long as I have to fetch my costume either tomorrow or Monday. I think I shall probably be able to get an hour off tomorrow if I make the time up and get it then. Then as Foyles is open until 6.00 on Saturdays & also during the week until that hour. anyway I have decided to spend Saturday afternoon there.
Thank you for your letter which has just arrived and for all the enclosures. Now I shall be able to get on with the good work.
No, I'm afraid I have not been working hard and studying all the nursing books I have at home. I have been very busy though. You see, all my mending, all my knitting and Shandy (the dog) takes up a good bit of my time nowadays. I can't think whatever we did when you were at home. The evenings simply fly. I have always got something to do, except work such as reading about nursing.
Well I have just arrived back from lunch and now I can settle down to this between working. I had to rush out just now again & buy Mr Bolt some cakes for tea today, as it is his Birthday.
To revert to the nursing. If I go in for Red Cross, I shall now have to give up some of my coupons for the uniform – just the indoor apron etc, but I do now know how many. I was talking to a girl who is doing this work at the sick bay across the road and she suggested I went into the civil nursing reserve which apparently only require an overall which is provided. Civil nursing is, of course, only practiced at the civilian hospitals , which might or might not be counted as war work. What do you think?
Are you running short of chocolate now? Because I have a little I can send you, but I have not been able to buy any this week.
This afternoon I am very busy, so I'm afraid this will be a very short letter.
I shall probably call to see your mother & father this evening. We have Ron;s letter to return and Nancy will be so mad if it is not returned by the time she arrives home this evening.
I shall look forward to hearing your voice on Sunday, if it is possible for you to phone. It brings us so near doesn't it?
Well, all my love, I hope the weather is fine for you to go walking this week end, so that you can come home with rosy cheeks – blossoms of spring to greet me the week after next,



  1. Wonder piece of letter. Thanks for updating this.

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  2. Thank you Jaylen. It's great to have them appreciated.