Saturday, 25 February 2012

Margaret to Tom 23.2.42


You have been busy, thank you for all the enclosures, and we did not have to pay excess on the packet.
It was lovely to hear you again last night, as I always say it brings us nearer. Who could think you were 200 miles away. We didn't have so long as before did we? I knew it was not your usual operator, "it" was a girl.
Well, to begin with in case I forget, I have prepared the minutes, so if you will, just put all the flowery bit you can think of into it, and if you remember any points I have not included, perhaps you will put them in for me.
Our Mr Davies has now been promoted to staff officer. He is going to remain in our branch as we have had a vacancy for some time. Of course he is very pleased about it and it dates back to Jan 9th. When I congratulated him, I said I supposed he didn't want to continue fire-watching with just C O's (clerical officers) and that he had better join Mr Sainsbury's squad. He said he'd rather leave than do that, so now they have to find some E O (executive officer) to take his place. There is some talk of D Jones coming along. I think he rather wants to. I have told you all about Donald Jones at Headquarters haven't I? He was the conscientious objector who eventually joined the Pioneers, took ill, and was kicked out of the army. Anyway i expect there are loads of people who would like to come if only they had the chance. They really do not know their fate. Fancy wanting to come here!!!!!
I am returning Bill's letter, at least I hope I have enclosed it. It's very interesting. I only hope he will always have the chance of such a quiet life while he is at Gibralta. Who is this Marjorie girl and why does she have to send her good wishes to you to Gibralta, only to be returned? You say he has not send his usual fond wishes to me, but what is that last sentence to the missus? Is that your mother or does he think that we will be married by the time you recieve his letter?
Yes, I know that Sir Stafford Cripps has been very much in the new lately. He has certainly earned his success. I often wonder where you would have been now if you had been one of his secretaries. I think, no doubt, you would have been nearer this social work than you are now. By the way, I expect you saw that Temple, Archbishop of York is now Archbishop of Canterbury (at least will be in April). He is 60 years old, but certainly a good deal younger than the other one. There is hope for England yet isn't there? The Daily Sketch mentioned that he and also the new Archbishop of York are very interested in social reform.
Whatever made you think of the "Parable of the tree"? I do hope that tree will not be yours and mine. It's good, but next time make it all new green leaves with buds just bursting forth in the clear spring sunshine. I'm collecting all these for our own "little book", so please continue.
Well now about the nursing. You are so insistent that I almost put on my hat & coat and walked out in the blackout. Well I will see what I can do, but you see, nursing in war time is so different, so many ugly sights creep into hospital life now-a days. But this you will say is merely an excuse, and I must get cracking, but I asure you I shall probably end up by being a patient myself.
Well I think I must close now so it is now 10.25 pm and I have to do some ironing before going to bed.
Tomorrow I am going to Mrs Hardings to tea. She wants to show me her lace or at least the head gear which she very much wants to lend me for our wedding. You can come under too if you want to hide from the World.
All my love & hugs and kisses.
(the last being from Shandy, very wet.)

PS My father is better thank you. Swollen knee is only rheumatism.

PPS It's very sad bout that fellow who was electrocuted. You will be careful won't you? I don't think you would do anything like that, but just in case, remember me. I am waiting for you.

PPPs If you can possibly do the minutes by next weekend, I should be pleased, I also have to prepare a secretary's report, so perhaps you can help in this please, oh, please do.

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