Friday, 2 March 2012

Margaret to Tom 2.3.1942

March 2nd 1042

First of all thank you very much for your letter which I received this evening. How lovely for you to have had warm weather. I wish I could change my abode now, as it is still rather cold here. Now and again, the sun breaks through and one has the impression that it's a very hot day (some hopes). How lovely to have the sea in such a magnificent mood and I only wish I could have been with you. Still all being well in one month's time I will be and perhaps the weather will be warmer than it was on Saturday for you.
Well, this evening I went to see dear Mrs Eddoes about the tennis club. We have arranged that the AGM should be held after Easter Monday 13th April. This being my suggestion because I would like to put a notice in the parish magazine before the AGM. Mrs E told me she discovered the surround netting had been left up all the winter. Mr Thompson, who had promised to take them down, had forgotten, so I only hope they will not be too rotten. Mr Thompson cannot make up his mind whether he will be our gardiner or not this year, but Mrs E is going to egg him on (as she would say). I told her I would probably be carrying on this year as far as I know now, and I also said I did not know whether I would continue as secretary owning to the uncertainly of the situation. Of course I told her we will be getting married in July. at which she told me she was very pleased. She said she would like me to carry on if possible, but suggested we should appoint a deputy secretary secretary who would take her place. I feel that as I am joining this year, I would like to have a say in the doings of things, if you understand me.
I have undertake to write to the rector and ask him if we can have the tennis courts as usual. I shall take the opportunity of telling him we are getting married in July then he can prepare himself for this great event.
I need you here to buck me up, as this office work is getting me down. It turns my inside all upside-down. I feel I can't carry on with all those beastly sums etc.
To change the subject, I have been round our branch and collected £1.16.0d for Rene and the other girl who is joining the A. T. S. next Friday week. We are going to give them a small gift. Mr Sainsbury & Mr Warner wanted to know when they are going to collect for me.. I think they must know my great event will not be far distant. Rene has handed over the tea department to me altogether so everyone is now at my mercy. It is a business buying the cake now-a -days. We seem to have enough money in hand at present and you can be sure I shall not be in the position that I shall have to put money in the tea club to make it up in order to keep it going.
Well by this time you will have had your test or at least part of it. I do hope you have done well & with full marks this time.
All my love and everything,


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