Monday, 20 February 2012

Margaret to Tom 19.2.42 and 20.2.42


This part of my letter will only be short I'm afraid, as I'm very tired and ready for bed, but I thought I must start my Friday letter otherwise I shall not be able to send you a lengthy letter, as I can never say how busy I am going to be at the office.
Well, first, thank you for your letter. Of course I didn't mind it being so short. I know you must have felt tired after all that hard work. What a pity you missed such a lot over last weekend. It almost makes one wish it had been this week end, anyway I do hope you did well.
First an item of news – a juicy bit. You remember Mary Vowles and Leslie Lewin were engaged during last year, there was actually an announcement in the paper (Barnet Press) Well apparently Mary broke off the engagement just before Christmas. I don't know any more, except Mary has been in the Land Army since last July and would never go back to her old job as a telephonist. Beryl, her sister, joined the Waafs last year. You will wonder where I got all this information from. Well, Betty met Mary and Beryl last Saturday when they were home for the week end. I quite thought Mary would have been married by this time, didn't you? Now you must not go and break off our engagement, now we have bought all these lovely things – we seem to have settled the matter and not only by love.
That's a very nice letter from your Uncle Seth. It was awfully good of them to send you biscuits and sweets – now I shall not have to send you chocolate for some time shall I? If he could possibly let you have sugar and margarine, I could make it up into cakes for you – what do you think of that idea or would it be rather a nuisnace to send the things back from Swansea? Any way, I leave it to you.
This evening Ethel and I went to see the "Chocolate Soldier". It was not bad, the music was lovely, and, as you probably know, I like Nelson Eddy and his singing very much. The story was from "The Guardsman" and the music only from the "Chocolate Soldier". I think you would probably get bored with it in parts, but if you can possibly appreciate the music, you will enjoy it the whole time. I will not tell you the story in case you go and see it, but the actual story is really crazy. We did not stay to see the other picture as that was tripe. During the picture, in some of the juicy parts, I just longed for the touch of your warm hand, so I could squeeze it, but it was just not there. I do enjoy going to the pictures with you, perhaps we shall get the chance soon.
Bob rang me up tonight. He is writing to you tonight, so you should get his letter before the weekend is out. He wanted to thank me for sending his book over, I thought perhaps I had better send it, as he might be wondering what happened in the next chapter. He apparently tried to get here on Sunday to fetch it, by hitch hiking, but it turned out to be more hiking than hitching, so he called it off. He is rare isn't he? He went rambling on and on while talking to me.
Our poor Winnie was quite sad this afternoon, because her sailor,boy is off tomorrow morning and so rang up this afternnon to cancel their evening out. When she arrived back on Monday from her engagement weekend, she thought he had departed, but she had a lovely surprise on Tuesday when he rang to say he was on leave in the evening. Apparently the Navy always get sleeping out passes, so when he could get home for an evening it was a long one. What a sad world with all these partings!! Rene said we should have to install a plane on the lawn at the office so that we go in turns to Sansea and Scotland or wherever Winnie's boy friend lands.
Well goodnight for now
Your very own Margaret
(an very proud I am of that)
Friday Morning (20th February)
I have not heard from you today yet, but I really must post this letter so it arrives at Swansea tomorrow.
Well I am enclosing a list of Everyman Library books,If you have other suggestions I propose to buy 6 of these, and perhaps you will help me by selecting a few over this weekend and returning this paper as early as possible. I'm going to get six because they are 3/- each and you would like that one called "De Qunicey's reminiscences of the Lake Poets, so I shall put the extra money to it. There is quite a good selection, but I really do not know what I want. It seems to me it would be better to buy two good books than all these, but what can I get?
I have marked a few that I have not read. For instance "The Mill on the Floss" Rene says that is a book she would like to read anytime. Books that I really like do not seem to tbe there – travel books. Leslie Weatherhead "It Happened in Palestine" or do you think we have too many of his? And I like to read about the interesting lives of people and the way people in other countries live. But some of these old classics really do get me down – both the sight of the book and some of the stories, unless they are brought up to modern style. I liked the picture of David Copperfield and Great Expectations, but I'm sure I could not wade though such lengthy details as the book gives. I jsut have not the patience. But enough of this twaddle (is that spelt right?) Anything you say or suggest I will think about, Please help me, as it would be nice to get what we both like.
I must hurry, it's lunch time,
All my love,
PS I'm taking your Uncle Seth's letter with me to see your mother & father.

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