Friday, 10 February 2012

Extract from Tom A Critchley to Margaret Robinson 9.2.42

Thank you for your letter, I looked forward to it all day, and since you didn't receive the letter I posted on Friday or Saturday, as it's such a long time over the week end, & I didn't even 'phone! And you didn't know I wasn't gong to phone. It's all very tragic. However, you should receive two letters today! Well yesterday was cold, but a bright blue sky all day, so after dinner I cycled out to Mumbles & it was so warm in the sun that I was able to lie in the sun & have - what do you think? one of the fruit melba bars you gave me. It was lovely too. I don't know why, I only received £4 last month, but I have no doubt it's all worked out correctly. In the near future I'll write to the War Office and ask for a statement of accounts.
We are being paid early this week, tomorrow – so I should know by tomorrow evening If I shall be able to come at the weekend. If I do, and hear by 6.30, I'll let you know. It would be lovely if you could meet me at Paddington, but at present I don't know what train I shall be catching.
Ron arrived back today at about 11.30 am. He left home about 10.00 am, and had a lovely week end. Isn't he lucky being married? But still we make the most of our weekends don't we? And I know we shall make the most of next weekend too.
The people here like the photo of you that you sent me, and I feel so proud of you that I feel like rushing around showing it to everyone I meet You really do look nice on it – but no photograph is anything like as nice as you.
How amusing that the girl from Jerusalme should ring up Ronald. I expect when he eventually does arrive home, the tlelphone will be ringing all day with strange females after him! But don't tell Nancy I said so.

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