Thursday, 9 February 2012

Margaret Robinson to Tom Critchley 9.2.1942

Thank you for your two lovely letters which I received today. I was up late as usual today, so was actually at home when the postman called here at 8.35 which is certainly early for him. Then I had the other letter when I arrived home in the evening.
My lateness this morning was rewarded by a car ride all the way to the office. The captain (my friend down the road) picked me up and, as it was very wet this morning, that is raining, it seemed a God send. This capatin told me he is a liaison officer to the war office and working for the Admiralty at the same time. He is working among civil servants much to his disgust – too much red tape!!
I was going to write to you from the office this morning, but I was up to my eyes with work, yes really!!!!!
I'm glad you have written to Jonah. I will arrange a hike or something for Saturday afternoon and then we can come back here for a late tea. I wonder if I should ask Bob, as I'm sure he would love a change, especially if we are going for a walk, so perhaps I will ring him up.
Thank you for the lovely sonnet. I don't know how you can think of such beautiful language. we shall have to keep all these poems and have a book made out of them. I really adore these sonnets, although I never say much about them – but then what can I say, because you leave me so amazed. I am the luckiest girl in the world and you deserve all the love in the world.
If by some stroke of misfortune you cannot home home on Friday, you say you will phone me on Thursday at 6.30 pm. Well I shall be at home until about 6.45 as I am firewatching at the office. If unhappily you should have to phone & cannot get me at home, my office number will be FIN 5101.
I am glad you were able to have your photo taken at last. I hope it was not too much of an ordeal, but I'm sure it will be worth your trouble. After all it's for me isn't it?
What a good job I did come down the other week end in view of the weather. I shall pray and hope you don't have any air raids. But I suppose we are almost as likely to get them as you.
King Edward (Duke of Windsor) was paid a complement today. Mrs De Carlen and Rene were stirred up by the Japs having landed at Singapore. Mrs D said that if the Duke had remained King, there would never have been a war & that it is the fault of Baldwin that we are not prepared. Then both she and Rene agreed that better conditions would have been settled for the poorer classes. I don't know whether it would have stopped the war. I rather doubt it, because the world has been gradually getting nearer to war, during the last 10 years or so, but I do wonder whether Edward will come back as leader of our people. I really can't see Princess E as Queen. (Margaret, like so many others of her generation would grow to admire and respect Elizabeth when she became queen.) And I do think that England needs a man & someone who would have his whole heart and soul in the lives of the people. After all the Americans favour Edward don't they? But somehow, it always thrills me to hear these people talk in favour of Edward. I liked him, not just because I was infatuated with the thought of a young king, but because I felt that England and the British Empire could be changed for the better during his rule – so perhaps England will have this chance again at the end of this dreadful war.
Well, I have just let the Duke run away with my pen, but I have lots more to say, if I don't forget it. You know that lovely soldier hat? Well, according to the papers, a beret is going to take its place in due course, so if you can, get another hat now. I can't imagine you in a beret.
One other thing, someone in parliament is struggling for an additional allowance for soldiers. I don't know whether it will affect you if it comes off, anyway we shall see.
So you are having another test on Thursday. I thought there was not going to be one for 5 weeks. What a blow!! They are determined to keep you at it. I hope you do well and that I don't hinder the proceedings in any way. I'm sure love does not exactly fit in with amps & wireless intestines or whatever you call you call these technical hitches etc. All the best and keep at it. I know I've got it all wrong, but you don't mind do you?
Well, I feel tired now, and I think I will go to bed. I shall think of all the years we have before us. And I only hope we shall be fortunate enough to have each other for many, many years. Some people will not have this time to look forward to, isn't it sad that a war can make so much suffering?
Goodnight and God bless you,
All my love,

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