Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Margaret to Tom 16th February 1942

Thank you for the lovely weekend. I do hope you had a good journey back and that you do not feel too tired. Was it worth it? It always feels sad going back gain doesn't it? I know when I returned the other Monday, home had no interest for me. It seemed so fruitless coming back. It always feels sad going back again doesn't it.
I imagine you falling asleep today in the middle of that lecture that is if you arrived in time.
Great excitement in the office today, one of the girls has just got engaged to a fellow in the navy a civil servant (CO) in civil life. so we have bought her some flowers. Daffodils & narcissus, so with the sun shining outside and the flowers, this room has quite a spring-like appearance. She (Winnie) will probably get married when her fiancee comes on leave again which might be anything from 3 months to a year. Thank goodness you are not in the navy, I'm sure I should die of impatience and worry.
I'm sending off Bob's book today, it's all ready, but I didn't have time to post it at lunch time because of getting cake and flowers & chocolates and seeing the times of the "Chocolate Solder" at the new Bohemia Cinema. Ethel has gone all crazy over films, so we are both going along to see this film on Thursday or some other day. I think I'm going to have quite a hectic week. Mrs Harding wants me to go round one day and see the veil which she would like to lend me, and then one day, we are going to buy the satin. Then, of course, I'm going to the dressmaker on Friday and Saturday we are going to Barrie's so I don't look like brooding much this week do I?
I'm afraid this is only a short note as having seen you yesterday, there's not much news, and the only thing that's left for me to say is,

All my love & all the best for your exam,


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