Sunday, 26 February 2012

Margaret to Tom 25.2.42


Thank you for your letter which arrived this morning. It is lovely to hear from you and know what you are doing, or have been doing. How about furnishing that cave and fixing it up with electric light before I come down at Easter?
Now I have several important things to tell you. The first is about my leave. Betty and I have discovered that it is impossible to leave any days over until next leave year so I shall have to take my day within the next months. My only suggestion to this is that I have the Saturday morning of the weekend you are home and save all that trouble of getting up early. What do you think about this? We could go out somewhere on that morning. I have just heard that we shall be getting the usual 12 days next leave year, plus an extra 4 days which should be taken separately Isn't that lovely, as of course I shall get 3 days special leave for marriage & any other leave can be taken without pay. So I don't think it will be too bad do you?
The second important thing I had to say is this – I have heard unofficially that it would be wise to buy your service wool through WVS as quickly as possible so the other day I went to WVS shop and obtained my voucher for the rest of the wool 12 oz. I should not be surprised if they stop this method of obtaining service wool. This unfortunately will run to about 9/-, but if I can deduct it from what I owe you I think I can manage.
I propose getting 8 oz of grey for socks and 4 oz of khaki which will be put with the other 4 I have and made into a pullover for you. If that is all right for you. If you would prefer to have khaki socks just let me know. And please say if you would like a long-sleeved pullover or short-sleeved. This, of course is looking ahead to next winter.
Wednesday evening
Please excuse the above scribble as that was written in about 2 minutes at the office today.
Today I went to Priors to have a look for shaving mirrors. They had none like you have at home and only those fixed to cabinets. Well now as these things might prove useless in our flat, do you think it worth while getting one or do you want one now very much. Really I am a a loss to know what to buy you as well as the book. Would you like some gramophone records? Or can you suggest something more useful? What about an alarm clock?
What do you think of the news at present. I wonder if this new cabinet will be doing things or whether it's the case of a new brook sweeps clean.
Princess Elizabeth seems to be colonel in chief of the Grenadiers now. I don't know what good that will do, do you?
Well last evening I went to Mrs Harding's flat. it's rather too large for them and their furniture looks somewhat lost. I like all this new furniture and it looked quite nice. They got out all the best crockery etc for me. Her mother is up from Rochester at present and looking round for a flat near here now. Evelyn showed me the lace which she wants to lend me. It did not look a hundred years old at all. it's dainty & fine. I expected it to fall to pieces in my hands. There are one or two holes which Evelyn is very annoyed about, but they won't show. She lent it to a friend who apparently was rather rough with it, and if I borrow it I shall have to be careful. By the way, you said you dreamt we were being married, and that you might have to wear dark glasses at the actual ceremony.
Well, as Nancy would say, if you think I can look as lovely at that you are sure to be wearing rose-coloured spectacles now and ever since you have known me.
I think I shall get an hour off on Saturday morning and go up to get my costume then. I rather want to go to Foyles or Bumpers if they are open on Saturday afternoon, and then I can look around and choose what I want with my book tokens. Shall I see if there is any credit due to you at the Ryp Van Winkle shop, it would make a cheap present for you. Did I tell you our office has bought the house next door. Yes we are growing more and more. It will make a difference for our fire watching, but when it will affect it is another matter. I don't suppose they will arrange anything definite until the end of the rota which is in May. We are fire watching next Tuesday, so we are going to celebrate Mr Davies's promotion. Do you know that it makes a difference of at aleast £7 a month? Isn't it lucky?
Well now what about your wireless set? I'm so glad you were successful & I hope by this time it can be heard through the loud speakers. You are certainly not wasting your time during this war. And no one can even say you wasted your time killing others. Mind you do not destroy yourself, you will be careful I know for my sake,
Well, all my love, hugs and kisses & everything,

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