Saturday, 18 February 2012

Tom to Margaret 18.2.1942

Thank you for your letter which arrived today. How nice to be able to celebrate someone's engagement! Didn't it make you feel quite old? Well Swansea's just the same. I've been working harder than ever last night, I was busy revising for the exam. The paper contained 3 (out of 11) questions on new work done over the week end, so I had to use my imagination on them. I don't think I did too badly though, but I don't expect to get full marks this time, I'm afraid. If we hear the result before noon tomorrow, I'll put a P. S. on and tell you. Just after I'd written to you yesterday, the postman arrived here & brought a parcel for me. I wondered who ever it could be from, & to my surprise found it was from My Uncle Seth. He sent me a whole lot of chocolate biscuits and some toffee & chocolate. Isn't it nice of him? If I can remember I will enclose his letter. Will you please return it when you've read it, so I can send it home. Mildred (Ron's wife) is coming to Swansea on Friday next week, so I feel very envious of him, & the fellow whose wife works in an insurance office (Wafy) had his wife here over the week end. One of the lads who went away for the weekend isn't back yet. He went to Blackpool, so I should think he must be ill or something. Shall I catch something infectious when I come again? I hope you enjoy the picture. I wish I could come with you to see it. Fancy Ethel getting keen on pictures! Has she found out what Richard's going into yet? Now I must stop. I feel absolutely tired out, having been working since immediately after tea until 10.00 pm. I can't afford to miss lectures at this stage, as I could in the early part of the course. Forgive such a short letter, but I feel so tired, & you can imagine all the other things I'd say if I could! Goodnight, Your own. Tom

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