Thursday, 23 February 2012

Margaret to Tom 22.2.42

53 Buckingham Avenue,

Sun day 22nd February,

Thanks very much for your letter which I received in good time yesterday, but what a long time these letters take to come – I simply live for your letters and wish rather selfishly they could arrive every day.
If I can possibly do the Tennis Club thing today, I will enclose it but somehow I feel it will be rather a rush. The minutes will not be so bad as I thought because I must have had a go at it last April. Your Captain's Report is missing and I wondered if you would ever be able to lay your hands on it next time you come home.
Well yesterday we went to Barry and Deidre's flat – on block. It is a do when we all troop out together., it seems such a crowd. They have a lovely little flat and everything seems so convenient. All the time I was there I was thinking about the flat we are going to have and I wish – how I wish that day could be nearer – when you will be back at the office.
The room is sort of long and narrow about the length of Megan and Freddie's in Cheval Place (the second one I mean) only it is slightly wider. The dining room table & chairs were in one half and the fire, armchairs & settee in the other half – not forgetting the side-board. The bedroom is curtained off from the big room and they can actually get a double bed and a dressing table in there. Everything is compact. I don't think you would like the choice of furniture, because its got funny legs. It is mahogany, by the way. The mantlepiece is of oak, I think, and in the middle, below the shelf there is an electric clock in chromium and no glass, but a background of some material, anyway, the material you find in wireless sets, (probably bakelite BC) and behind the clock is the wireless set, which can be softened or made louder or switched off by a knob on the wall. The wireless is worked by a main one, so of course, Barry can only get one station, which ever is set on the main. They do not have to pay the license and altogether this is rather a good idea for young people who do not want the expense of buying one.
Well we had a very nice evening there, we sat and knitted and talked, had supper and left about 9.30.
Today I was kitchen maid as usual. It takes and awful long time to cook for five people. Tonight I'm going to try my hand at making fish cakes. I shall certainly have to study Mrs Beeton before we get married. Her book seems very good, but I don't think we shall try all her recipes for instance "hash pie" that sound's worse than sea weed doesn't it?
Well Nancy has asked me to ask a favour of you. She badly wants some suspenders (the things that hold up our stockings) and she said that as she has bought tobacco for Ron in the past, perhaps he would like to buy some of these things for her. But on second thoughts, as he is married, I think his wife would object. Now all this arose from the fact that I saw some in Swansea Woolworths and these cannot be obtained from Crawley or anywhere round here. So if you ever pay a visit to Woolworths and see these things, just think of Nancy. They are pink and all ready for sewing on to the belt, she is also anxious for some "roll ons", but before I go further I must stop.
I'm so sorry you were not feeling well last week. It was too much traveling late at night and then swotting so hard. I do hope last weekend has not spoilt your chances. It was certainly hard luck not having the test before you went.
Well now what about your Birthday? I would willingly get you the liquorice if I could see them, but the shops round here have not had any for sometime. Would you like an electric iron, or some stew pans, or a coffee service, or pyrex dish, or fruit set? I don't know what to say about a shaving mirror, because some flats already have things like that installed and we shall not want more furniture than we need. Barry's flat had a shaving mirror & cupboard fitted on to the wall. Anyway let me know what you think about it.
I'm glad you managed to do the essay alright. Your salary is larger than I thought. perhaps you will work out the income tax I shall have to pay this year and see how much we shall save by amalgamating our pay.
Poor Algy. He must be soft if he doesn't realise you are making fun of him. The sooner his wife arrives the better it will be all round.
Well I hope you had a lovely weekend. It's bitterly cold here and yesterday we had a little snow.
Shandy (the dog) sends you all his love, licks & kisses, combined with mine you must be rather wet,


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