Friday, 17 February 2012

Margaret to Tom 18.2.1942

Wednesday 18th February 1942

Thank you very much for your letter. It must have broken all records because it arrived at 11.00pm and you only posted it at 12.15 pm on Monday.
I was very sorry to hear you had a cold journey. You seem to have been unlucky because both my journeys were hot, in fact too hot, what a pity you had to wait nearly a whole hour on a cold platform. Do you think, from your experience of night travel would be alright for a little girl like me?
Rene has just heard that she is going on March 18th, but of course she does not know where or even if it will be radiolocation for sure. She went for her medical yesterday, to Edgeware and they told her then when she could be called, She could have gone on 6th March, but that she thought was too early, so asked if she could go on 13th. She had an intelligence test which consisted of very unusual diagrams. I don't know if you had one at all, but have you heard of books with various patterns in and things or diagrams which might fit into that pattern or might not, but anyway, the intelligence test was something like that. Rene has tried to explain to us, but I really do not see what these things are, and I wondered if you know anything about them. One girl apparently was turned out because she could not do anyting of the intelligence test, although they explained everything very well and actually told you if you were wrong first time. They do get some daft girls, in these plaes – one apparently could not spell her own occupation, which was needlework. So if I get called up there's a chance for me to get thrown out isn't there? It can always be worked.
Well Richard is going to Newport I of W tomorrow – in the infantry. He is not at all keen to go, Isn't it hard luck being put in the infantry of all places?
Last night I was supposed to be firewatching at home. It was from 2 – 4 and, as Daddy still has a cold and was away from the office, Monday and Tuesday – Mother did Dad's 10 – 12. Well I went to bed at 10.0 and then set the alarm for 2 oclock and just like me I didn't wake until Dad brought my tea in at 7.30. The alarm went off alright and mother heard it and so did my firewatch. I am awful don't you think so? I suppose it all arises from the fact that I do not want to wake up until you are home again.
Mrs Harding & I are going along to try and get my satin this afternoon. I shall look out for a shaving mirror for you, but if I can't get one, in case they are difficult to get, do you think you can think of something esle? We have another 21st next month, so I shall have to save up, it's Lily's at the end of the month.
I am enclosing the photograph of me that you want, so don't get it scratched or torn because these prints will be very hard to get later on.
I can't think of any more news at the moment except that time is going very very quickly, not at the office, but at home because I have loads to do.
I hope you enjoy your table tennis this week. If you want your table tennis bat I will post it on to you, and I might manage one or two balls – only they are very scarce these days.
Al my love,


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