Sunday, 5 February 2012

Margaret Robinson to Tom Critchley 5.2.1942

I received your letter this morning on arrival at the Office. According to the postmark you posted it on Tuesday at 8.45 pm. Isn't this posting problem a difficult one? I do wish we could have that wireless set installed.
Well its nice to know we could manage alright if I left the office. One of the girls at the office, who is living with another girl, reckons it costs them 30/- each per week and that includes food, light, coal, & rent, so it looks as if we might be able to manage with £3 a week. I should imagine we certainly could outside London. That is of course allowing for your enormous appetite. What a good job I am buying all these clothes, as by July I should have quite a decent wardrobe which should not need replenishing too often. It seems that if I leave the office with income tax deducted we should be receiving £60 a year less and this is not to be sneezed at is it? I should also be getting an increase in pay next August.
I do hope this parcel arrives on Saturday as I do feel you should receive something from me at weekends, it makes it so long & uneventful. I have washed the gloves & as I did not want to put the iron on just to press them, I asked mother to sit on them, and they now seem to be done (that is very pressed).
We have had some more snow today and that has settled on top of the ice you can guess how slippery it is in parts. Yesterday the snow was freezing – hence the ice. It's very cold today, I'm really coming back to Swansea! Oh, I had a lovely idea yesterday. I could be a ticket collector or stoker on the train that travels to and from Swansea and then I could see you every day and bring you anything you wanted. This is what makes me think of it. You see there is a link between Swansea & London, the link that brings letters to and fro and since this is way of getting in touch with you, why can't I come myself with the train?
I'm looking forward to your next weekend ever so much. I do hope you can manage is soon. Will it be 14th or 21st?
I am getting very much in debt. Daddy is lending me a fiver for my wedding garments. I could just manage it with a squeeze, but this will certainly help as I can take my time in paying back & as I shall still be at the office up to July, I think I can manage to pay all my debts. I owe you £5.16.6d now, so if I deduct the 16/6 that will pay for any past or future blades, chocolates, torch batteries etc. Do you agree with this plan? It amounts to the fact that I have about 7/6d to spend on future things.
I hope you will be able to go for some lovely walks this weekend. I shall think of you by the sea, looking down on the "Giant's Causeway" and the sea dashing against the rocks. Tell me when you see that slit in the rocks, the huge one, covered completely by the sea. As I write all this, I'm longing to be with you.
To change the subject, which brings that horrible lump to my throat. You don't tell me all the "juicy bits". This time it was Doug and the ATS he made cry. Poor Doug, he has let himself in for something hasn't he?
This week does seem to be dragging. Mrs De Carlen who sits next to me at the office calls time her enemy, because each day is bringing her nearer her end. I said I'm jut longing for tomorrow and the four week-ends we can have together.
Nothing would make me happier than to see this beastly war finished and an end to all this killing and suffering. I'm just living for the time when we live together and you can go back to the office and when we can plan for the future without the slightest hitch.
Well I must close now. I can't think of anything except that I want to sleep and wake up on Feb 14th or 21st, when you can get leave,

All my love,


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