Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Tom to Margaret 16.2.1942

Well here I am back again in this land of desolation – and about twelve hours ago, we were sitting close together by the fire, just as we used to almost every day.
Last night I arrived at Paddington at about 11.45, found the platform, & after waiting about 10 minutes we were admitted to the platform. Then began a lengthy vigil that got progressively colder. The train didn't arrive until about 12.40, & by that time the platform was crowded, & when it did arrive, everyone made a rush. As they were nearly all service men of one sort or another, i did my share of rushing too and got a corner seat. As I was about the third on the platform an hour earlier I felt entitled to it!
The journey wasn't too bad, although I felt cold. I slept quite a lot. Shortly after leaving Paddington, I dozed a bit & was awakened by shouts of "Reading", then I dozed again and after, what seemed a few minutes, I was woken by chants of "Swindon". The same thing happened again with Gloucester, Newport & Cardiff. So I didn't really know much about it! The train arrived in Swansea at about five past eight – only twenty minutes late. At Newport it was on time.
I felt dirty and in need of a wash & hot drink, so I decided to miss college for the lecture, & have just had a wash & a shave & some breakfast, so am feeling fine now (about 9.15.)
Now darling I really must stop and catch up with some of the work I have missed. I'll write tomorrow to tell you what happened in the test.
Thank you so much for a lovely weekend. It is worth it a thousand times over, & now whenever I feel depressed I just think of the lovely time we have when we are together, & of the lovely times we are going to have later on. So, bye, bye, look after yourself,

All my love,

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