Thursday, 2 February 2012

Margaret Robinson to Tom Critchley 2.2.1942

Written on a train from Swansea to London

Thank you very much indeed for the lovely weekend. It's been worth it hasn't it? What lovely walks we have had together and what a lovely change of air for me. I can't help thinking how lucky you really are to be able to go a-mumbling and to look across that lovely expanse of sea to Lynmouth. The next time you walk along there, think about us in a few months time.
I managed to get a corner seat. The train is full, with some people standing in the corridor. I didn't realise at first I chose a seat directly underneath a picture of Watersmeet. I think the place must be Lynmouth for our honeymoon, don't you? When I left The Mackworth, it was raining quite hard, so that made the leaving a bit easier. But I must say I was tempted to stay there for ever and a day. Would you have been very cross?
I would very much loved to have seen you this morning, but it would have been very sad indeed and very short. The journey has gone so far very quickly. I have not been able to look out very much because of people in the corridor. The sun was shining in Cardiff and Newport, but since then the weather has been very dull. The time has gone very quickly, I think because I have been thinking out ways and means of working leave and time off. At one time, our people were able to work one Saturday afternoon and have the following Saturday morning off. But I shall have to inquire and think things out.
I have just looked out of the window and it seems there are various patches of snow and ice. I think we have been very lucky indeed with the weather. I shall certainly come to Swansea again.
Well last night you certainly went at a decent hour, we shall be able to stay up later when you are home on leave. I listened last night until your footsteps had died away and then I thought what a lovely end it had been to a glorious weekend.
I will post this as soon as I can buy some envelopes and then you can have it tomorrow.

All my love,


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