Saturday, 28 January 2012

Margaret Robinson to Tom Critchley undated but probably 19th January 1942

What a dreadful thought for you to have to go overseas!!! No, I did not have a shock, because I read your last two paragraphs first and wondered what it was all about. I had no idea you were going through such anxious hours on Monday. What a lovely relief this was. I suppose you would have certainly had to go if you had been in the Dental Corps, so you would have had no embarkation leave, how awful. I suppose they send the telegramme because they had probably been all over England, trying to find you. What a system! somebody's made a terrible mistake as usual, and I suppose two other poor fellows have been picked out to go all in a hurry. The army is a do isn't it? You can never be sure of where you are going to or what you are going to do. I do wish this war would end quickly because I'm afraid I feel very depressed because our future is so uncertain. Just think of Freddie & Megan – so happy for a year & a half and then the a parting – breaking up of a home and then a long wait for Megan, for how long we do not know and so many other people are in the same position. I'm afraid I should feel absolutely heart-broken if you had to go abroad, especially at this time when the war is against us, with the Japs just swarming around all those islands. I know other people are in a much worse position.
Enough of this dreadful talk, but oh, how I long to be with you at this moment. Is there any hope of the war ending this year?
Bob rang up this evening and he is coming along to dinner on Sunday, so he will probably spend the morning on the car. He wanted to know the age of the car. I said I thought it was late 1935, is that right? He wanted to know where the registration papers are – the log book etc, so perhaps you can let me know. I shall probably go up to see your mother and father this week if the ring is ready, so if you want me to bring any papers from there I will do so.
By the way, I do feel half dressed without the ring. I keep feeling to see if its still there – just habit – an consequently I keep having little shocks. I informed the girls on Monday that I would be without it all the week, in case they began to think things.
Well, Mrs Harding has been here tonight. Her husband could not come as he is working late. She loved the gramophone and I showed her many of my things, including the rugs you had made. She was very envious and so the time went all too quickly. She has some records at home & as they do not have a gramophone, she said she would like to give me a few. Apparently, before they were married, she had some & her husband had some and they discovered some were duplicated when they put them all together.
I rang your mother up & told her the news, as I thought she would like to know you arrived back safely.
Well, I must say, it was a very strange letter I received from you and I hope I shall never have to receive another like it without the postscript. It was nice of Dr Starky to say you were one of two best pupils in the class. Did you know you were top of the class? I thought at first it was because you were one of the best pupils you had to go to radiolocation, but I gathered that was only incidental.
Well all the best if you have a test this week,

All my love,

PS sorry about this awful mess (the letter is smudged), but it got in Shandy's (the dog) tea by mistake and its too late to rewrite.

PPS I had to add this little bit because I'm really ashamed of the terrible letter I have written, but I feel just ready for bed now as my cold is still hanging around and makes me feel thick headed if you understand me.
Tomorrow we are having a first aid practice. I'm sure I must be in need of it after all this time. On Monday I had a casualty – one of the workmen hit his thumb with a hammer and the blood was simply pouring out – well not quite, you see it seemed like that when he came up. anyway I managed as best I could & as quickly as possible. I'm still smelling of TCP now as you can guess how I must have swamped the poor fellow. I Haven't seen him since so I probably helped to kill him off.
Ethel was quite worried about the card she posted for us in case you would have thought it was her. Anyway I choked her off that, so she's quite happy.
I must close, as bed is calling me,

All my love,


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