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Margaret Robinson to Tom Critchley 19.1.1942

It was lovely to hear your voice again last night. I could not hear you very well at first at least, I could not distinguish what you were saying. It was a good idea for you to flash the operator, we certainly had longer didn't we?
Also thank you very much for your lovely long letter and all the things you included, especially the tennis club report which I will attend to tomorrow evening.
Before I go on I must tell you that its been snowing again today and very hard tonight. Shandy has been out in the garden and came in covered. He loves the snow and goes out about three times every evening.
I'm very sorry for your new geyser. Fancy calling him all these names. There's usually some reason for this egotism, or whatever you call it.
what a shame your Mr Solomon is being called up. I suppose he has volunteered or is the army going crackers as usual? Surely he is doing the best possible work at the moment.
I am very glad you had that walk yesterday 15 miles did you say? There's one thing you can do with and that is to get fatter, so eat well.
I should have told you the other day that Mr Graddon could not say what was wrong with my gramophone. He had not even heard of the magnetic part for the needle, and don't suppose he could tell me what was wrong without seeing it. What I mean is this. That perhaps the needle end of the "arm" is OK and the other end needs adjusting – anyway this is too technical for me and I don't even know the proper names.
I do hope you don't mind me leaving the week end until the 30th as I have many many reason for this.
(1) full moon
(2) after pay day
(3) It won't be so long before I see you again.
(4) I have chill blains on my heels & toes at the moment and cannot walk much.
And several other reasons. I shall come down on the Friday, perhaps you will let me know the list of the trains. Of course I shall confirm my train before I come. I will try & remember to get all the things you want. I'm sorry it will be so near your test, so you think it will affect you? If you do, just ring me up or write and I will travel down this Saturday morning. But don't you think you can work hard this week-end?
Must I go to another photographer when I already have a wonderful one? You have taken so many photographs of me that surely I can rake around and find one for you. YOu know the one which is hanging in the dining room here, well I thought you had a small one, if you can tell me where these photos are, I will go to your home & get them. I definitely have not a good photograph of you, so please have yours taken.
Joyce is a little better today, but cannot get up yet. The doctor is coming again on Thursday. He now says it is Bronchitis, so I'm sure she won't be going back to the office until after next week. Three weeks at home. What wouldn't I give to have at least one weeks convalescence at a seaside town in South Wales!!
I gave not been to the dressmakers today, as Mrs Harding is coming with me and suddenly she remembered she had to pay her rent today, so we are going on Wednesday.
By the way, I didn't tell you all about Mrs Harding (the one with the mother-in-law trouble) Well she moved into her flat last Friday then had a few days without electricity, gas stove or black out. She found her domestic problems very difficult. Her main trouble was that she wanted to go in to the flat in too much of a hurry. She did not want her aunt and uncle to have her too long if you understand me. They were very good to her, but she did not want to put them out in any way. Oh dear, my beloved "dictionary" is at Swansea and I can't think of the fitting words. In my dream the other night I must have been thinking of Mrs Harding and her troubles, because I dreamt that you & I were married and we were renting a house, a large house, double-fronted, the present occupants were leaving the furniture because we had none, and they left a lovely black out all over the house. You only had to pull chords etc for it to work. In the kitchen there were no less than 6 gas stones. There were lots of other details but I'll tell you about them later.
The days, I mean evenings are simply flying past, I have such loads of work to do that I feel April will be here before I have finished all my tasks

Good night from your own


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