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Margaret Robinson to Tom Critchley 24.1.1942

Thank you very much indeed for your two lovely long letters.
Fancy you having a little snow after all. All the snow has disappeared here after torrential rain for the last two days and nights. It's amazing one morning to wake up and see everything covered with snow and then the next morning all cleared away.
So you went to see that awful picture Hatter's Castle (film noir based on A J Cronin's novel). I didn't know the story, but I could have told you or at least warned you not to see it. I think it was on at the Odeon a long time ago (Barnet Odeon would probably have had a copy of the film earlier than Swansea, so it can't have been all that long. Obviously it was not to Margaret's taste). Don't you dare take me to anything like that next weekend. Anyway Old Mother Goose (probably the pantomime on in Swansea) sounds rather good.
You seem to be meeting a good many people who seem to know you or your relations. Its a small world (that was Shandy's fault the dog jogged gthe letter writer here) isn't it? I hope you manage to fix up your rugger team alright, although I do hope you don't get your face bashed in during the next week. I didn't know you were so keen on it (rugger I mean)
It's a great pity your Mr Soloman had to leave, but you still have not told me if he was called up or volunteered as it does seem peculiar that he should be called from such a valuable piece of war work. But I should imagine you know almost as much as Mr Evans in Radio etc.
Thank you very much indeed for the lovely book. This wedding business quite seems to be putting you off. I mean you seem to get quite worried at times. But as far as I can see from the book you have a comparatively quiet time to that of the bride. After all you have not the bother of flowing gowns and bridesmaids. I'm getting quite worried muyself. I think a register office would be best don't you, from our point of view. Nancy has been warning me against a white wedding, anyway I'll talk this over with you later. It will either cost 12 coupons or 7 coupons, it depends on what I have. The book arrived on Friday afternoon.
Bob went over to your home yesterday to fetch his clothes, but your mother was unable to find his shoes. Do you know where they are? She wondered if you had them with you by mistake, but I thought that was not so. Bob says he heard that Freddie is going abroad. How awful for Megan. I am sending off that letter today, but I'm wondering whether they will receive it. Do you know either his Edinburgh address or Megan's Rotheram one? It is a shame to have to go abroad isn't it? I wonder what Megan will do. I'm very thankful that you have not had to go, at least you are safe until you've finished training.
Nancy and I went to see your mother and father yeatserday. They wanted us to go to tea, but we were so busy shoppping for mother and getting John's wedding present, that we didn't get up there until 7.00pm. We played bridge & Nancy & I wiped the floor with them, so much so that your father would not total up the score. I said it would just about pay for my weekend, but the hint did not sink in.
Jock came to see Joyce yesterday, so everything is going smoothly with them don't you think?
I have not heard whether it will be alright for us to have next Friday afternoon off. Of course I'm hoping to be able to catch the 1.55 train , but if I possibly cannot get away, do you think it would be best for me to get the 9.00 oclock train on Saturday morning? Mr Graddon has not yet asked Mr Bolt and Mr Sainsbury will have to be informed. Mr Graddon is away on Monday, so I suppose I shall not know until Tuesday. I will write and tell you as soon as I know.
I am firewatching at the office on Monday eveniing as Miss Zuigg wants to go to a dance. It will help pay for something won't it?
Well I must catch the 4.30 post today, so must close in a few moments.
I have been kitchen maid again today and this afternoon I'm not feeling so well. {Perhaps its just as well I didn't come this weekend, at least we have a good time to look forward to!!
I hope you are feeling much better now. You must get rid of your cold for Friday,

all my love,


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