Saturday, 28 January 2012

Margaret Robinson to Tom Critchley 28.1.1942

This is just a note today as I don't think its worth writing tomorrow do you? I have not heard from you today yet, but I expect it will arrive later this afternoon. If you didn't have time to write yesterday or Monday I quite understand.
Yesterday I spent most of my time at the office making tea etc and in general recovering from fire watching. As we had milk and tea left over, I suggested we have morning tea for the whole branch so of course I had to make it and wash the cups up first, anyway, they were all very thankful for it, as it was simply freezing outside. We had some more snow yesterday – just a thin layer and then rain on top and consequently, as it was freezing last night, the pavements were very slippery today.
A funny thing happened yesterday. You know I told you Ethel and I slept in Mr Sainsbury's room, well, Ethel left some of her hair curlers in Mr Sainbury's "in" tray. Mr Warner looked in the tray as Mr Sainsbury is absent 'till Friday and when I took Mr Warner's tea in the afternoon he said he was rather perplexed by an unusual object in the tray. He had put it down to Ethel ¶ I told her about it, but I think she was rather bashful and more or less said it must be mine. However, we had a good laugh about it. I had the feeling one of us would leave something there.
I shall be calling on your mother and father on my way home today (that being a long way home) in case they have anything to give you. By the looks of things I shall need a trunk, so it might be as well if you meet me. If you see a huge thing in the form of a trunk stepping off the train, you know I shall be behind it. At any rate we shall probably find each other. If someone has fallen out on to the line, you'll know that's me. What I'm afraid of doing is failing to get out at Swansea, but if you could possibly use your lungs a bit & so help the porters, I might manage to alight at the proper place.
Well, it's not long before Friday. I only hope the time will not go too quickly over the weekend. I'm looking forward to this trip very much indeed.
All my love,


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