Monday, 23 January 2012

Margaret Robinson to Tom Critchley 23.1.1942

I'm just going to snatch a little time today to write this short note, as I am hoping you will get this tomorrow evening.
Still more snow today, but its certainly a bit warmer, but if you understand me, it's still very cold.
After lunch.
I have just been out to lunch and its simply pouring with rain which will, I hope wash all the snow away, for next week-end, although I do like to see the snow when everything is covered.
Well, I have just been inquiring the times of the trains for next Friday. There is apparently one at 1.55pm arriving in Swansea at 700 pm and the next one 5.55 which I suppose would not arrive in until 12 midnight. Perhaps you will confirm this for me. The afternoon train should surely arrive earlier than 7.00pm. By the way I don't know if I can have Friday afternoon off yet. I do hope so.
Joyce seems a little better today and is going to get up for a little while, of course she won't be going back to the office next week.
I had a card yesterday to say my costume is ready for fitting so its just come in time hasn't it?
As regards phoning me on Sundays, I love to hear your voice as the distance between us does not seem so great, but 1/4d does seem a lot of only just for these minutes. However, I lead it to you.
I hope you have a good weekend and go hiking or cycling. I suppose you will be . Don't forget about your photograph please.
Well work hard during the week so that you can spare me some time at the weekend. I expect I shall spend all next week getting ready,

All my love


PS Have not heard from you today, but I've hopes for the later post.

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