Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Margaret Robinson to Tom Critchley 11.1.1942

What a lovely weekend we had together, but how horrible is the parting!! I hope you didn't mind me going, but I should only have made you more miserable if I had waited. I do wish we needn't part like this.
Well, I arrived back at Kings Cross at 5.45 pm and caught the 6.05 pm. I could just have done with one of our huge sheets to use as a handkerchief. When I walked up our road it was so cold, the tears started freezing as they fell and, as Daddy opened the door, he saw just one solid mass with icicles hanging all over it. Thawing will only take place when the heart is warmed.
Mr Bond wanted to see my presents so I showed them all to him. Then Daddy said he would like me to put on some gramophone records. Well, I put them on – quite a good many too. `I got over the difficulty of vibration by putting the volume of the wireless on. The tone was beautiful – a bit too loud in parts. Only once did the thorn needle become loose and that was after it had been used several times, so I changed it for the steel for the last record. I can't understand how it managed to get loose. (the needle I mean).
I feel very tired so I think I will finish this at the office tomorrow morning.
By the way it's inclined to be a bit foggy here tonight. I do hope you arrived safely and to time & without fog. No more of your falling on the track tricks again please or I shall threaten to marry you next week and follow you around everywhere.
Monday morning
I've got that Monday morning feeling, so, as I don't feel like working I thought I would write this little note.
Joyce is at home this morning with a temperature of 101 degrees, so expect she will be at home all week. Nancy went off this morning, upset at having to go back alone. The real trouble is Mrs Simes, I think. If only she was not in the habit of drinking and bringing soldiers in. I think the girls should change their billet, don't you?
Well, I do hope you get through your test alright. Knowing you I expect you to. But if it was me, well, I should feeL all funny inside and my mind would go a blank.
We have had a temporary person installed on machining, about 40 years of age, I should say. She has been doing some of my work, so I have had to show her how to work the adding machine. She is quite a nice sort of person with queer little ways. I do wish the war would end, then I could get out of this hole, couldn't I?
I seem to have a cold coming, which will, I hope, need a fortnight's convalescence. What a hope!!!
I have just read today's horoscopes to our room. There's nothing much in them, but everybody likes to hear their fate each day. Takes our minds off work anyway.

All my love and squeezes (or sneezes) Margaret.

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