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Margaret Robinson to Tom Critchley 13.1.1942

3 the Grange
Church End, Finchley,

As I have nothing much to do at the moment, and as Mr Sainsbury is away today, and as Mr Graddon and Mrs Addison are both reading novels, and as there seems to be only one person working in this room, I thought I would snatch as little time. You will see that I have put the office address at the top, just in case you do feel like sending some of your letters here. No doubt there will be one waiting when I go home, but it is awful having to wait all day. I think when you post a letter at eight in the morning it reaches me the next morning, but when you post it at 6 pm it reaches me about 4 pm the next day.
I didn't tell you in my last letter that Emlyn Williams was on the wireless on Sunday night in the week's appeal. He was very good and gave the story of an actor, Esmond Knight who was on the "Prince of Wales" and is now totally blind.
This lunch hour after a very good dinner at the 'Civic' I went to the library, the branch one at Church End. I take back all I said about it being only a branch library because although space is cramped, I should say it is almost as big as North Finchley where everything is spaced out better. I got a fiction book for Joyce by A G Street. It is quite a good one called "Already walk tomorrow" The other two are about Wales. Land of Wales which your mother had. By the way it amused me to see a picture of the beach at Swansea in there – looked something like Southend in the Summer. The other book is called Pigrim from Paddington.
This morning there was a very thin covering of snow everywhere, and since then the snow has been falling, off and on, but not laying – just slush – it is snowing now, also I expect it will lay overnight.
4.20 pm Your letter has just arrived so I will read it and finish this letter at home.

Tuesday Evening

Thank you very much indeed for your lovely long letter, I'm very sorry I didn't accompany you all the way to Swansea because somehow these things (accidents) don't happen to you then with the exception of the wasp sting but even then you must admit I was able to render first aid – I did pick the sting out!! Well as I said before you must look after yourself more than ever 'wrap yourself in cotten wool & save yourself for me." You and Cobbie always seem to be doing "things". Betty said he's OK except for some pie he ate which didn't agree with him. I can see that wives are badly needed in both cases to take care of two helpless children. Anyway, I'm very glad the M.O. managed to put your eye to rights. This reminds me – what about a new pair of glasses for yourself, I'm sure it would help you in your studies, and pictures and theatres etc.
What a shame the train was late, bit I suppose under these black-out conditions and fogs they are bound to be a bit late. You must choose a moonlight week-end next time.
It that screw still on the case? I just wondered whether the Durafix had performed its duty. How's the chocolate, not all eaten I hope?
The snow has been laying again this evening just a thin layer, but the sky looked full of snow today. Do you remember this time last year – a week earlier I believe, at Haslemere? That lovely walk we had which eventually brought us into Hindhead (sorry we went by car that time). It must have been the walk from Haslemere when you took those photographs. Anyway the sky was full of snow then – well that's how it looked today.
Well I phoned up your father to see if they had received your letter & tell them any news they didn't know. They had received your letter. Your father said he was feeling worse today for the treatment, but doubt its one of those cases when you feel tons better later.
I'm supposed to be fire watching tonight, but mother seems intent on doing it for me, so I won't stay up any longer,

All my love and hugs,


PS Have you received the form from the Labour Exchange?

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