Friday, 20 January 2012

Margaret Robinson to Tom Critchley 17.1.42

It was lovely to receive a letter from you this lunch time. Also nice to read the letter you sent to Nancy. What a good thing its only my sister – you old flirt. I'm not really jealous it was very good of you to find time to write to both of them this week, though I have not been allowed to even glance at Joyce's. Sounds bad doesn't it? Whatever did you say to her??!! Never mind, I think I can trust you now.
Today I have had a a very busy day not at the office of course. Nancy and I took Shandy & went shopping at Finchley. I bought another pair of brown shoes, this time a walking pair. then I stood in a long queue for meat for Shandy. Then we went to Church End where we purchased a hot water bottle for Mrs, Newnham, and I took Nancy to see my office. We next went to the Wander Inn where we had a pot of tea & cakes (absolutely going it). We then called in at Mrs Newnhams where we had a cup of tea and cake, next finished up at home where we had a huge tea – now I'm prostrate in front of an empty chair and needless to say suffering inwardly. But really I believe I have a cold, but at the moment I'm told it's violent indigestion – I don't wonder do you? Every morning this week I have awakened with a sore throat, but it disappears with breakfast.
We wondered whether you'd had a drop too much when you wrote Nancy's letter, or whether you have changed your address, because you said your address was 2 Swansea Terrace!!!
As I was getting on the bus this morning who should alight from the same bus by Bygrave and in R A F uniform. Did you say he was at London University? Well, perhaps he is training for radiolocation now or something in the scientific line. Then this afternoon as I was queuing for Shandy's meat & believe I saw (I couldn't be sure) Skinner and his wife – she looked exceedingly young dark, pale & thin (dainty looking) perhaps I should say. So I suppose he is on leave again.
The weather here is still bitterly cold and the snow is still laying, our road is simply covered with hard snow. If this weather continues I shall feel like wearing my lovely brown coat when I come an see you. What do you think? If we are getting married in April or August or September, do you think I shall need my brown coat? I shall have my costume shan't I? What do you think? Of course I suppose I ought to keep all my new things don't you? I suppose if we are walking to Mumbo Jumbo land & scrambling over cliffs I should not really wear a best coat. Also do you think I shall want my boots? They are very heavy you know. I shall love to go walking with you if its not bitterly cold. But so you know, I have not been able to get warm when walking today and my feet have been getting colder and colder – my boots would, of course, improve matters both for walking and warmth.
Just one other thing about our week-end, well I have three days left to the end of March. I could have the Saturday morning off as well as the Monday and so travel down Friday afternoon and have a longer time with you. I was thinking that the next time I come down we shall be meeting at Newport and that will not necessitate any leave. Then after that I should think you would be able to manage some 48 hrs leave at the beginning of March and then I could have my day towards the end of March. I don't know if you agree with this arrangement, perhaps you have some other bright ideas. Anyway let me know what you think is the best week-end for me to come and if I need the Saturday morning as well.
It's a pity you dropped a half mark on such a point in your exam, but tell me how did the other fellows get on? Did any of them reach 10 points? You don't say whether this a strict marking or what? Never mind perhaps you will get full marks on the final.
Sunday Afternoon
I can only attach a small note for today because I'm not sure what time the post goes and if I don't catch one today, you won't get this until Tuesday and that would be terrible.
I have been very busy as usual with dinner today and as we got up later, about 10.15 I have done nothing else but cook dinner and wash up and clean the gas stove.
Nancy went up to see your mother and father this morning with Shandy (who by the way revels in the snow). Your parents seem quite well.
They have been trying to persuade me to go to Sunday School (that is Nancy and Joyce) & take Joyce's class, but somehow I cannot bring myself to go. I really long for days like those before the war, when we used to go along together... in the days when I first met you.
Well I must close, Shandy is longing for a walk,
With love, hugs and kisses,


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