Saturday, 14 January 2012

Margaret Robinson to Tom Critchley 4.1.1942

53 Buckingham Avenue, N 20

(the letter was enclosed in a package containing chocolate and cake)

These are just a few things I happened to have in hand at the moment. I have been very lucky getting chocolate this week – 4, 2oz ration bars, 4oz of Bournville, 4 oz sandwich bar. the others I sold to mother, as I'm not very fond of plain chocolate. I do hope you will feel well enough to eat all these. I hope you like the cakes. They have some of your favourite dates in them.
Well, yesterday I went shoppping, and got all I wanted in one hour in North Finchley. I bought a lovely brown hat, shoes and gloves.
I am wicked spending all this money, but as you know I am looking ahead and will not dare wear these things until the great day. By the way, when you tell your mother and father, don't just blurt it out, but ask them what they think of a war-time marriage. Most people prefer to be asked their opinion on such a serious matter. As you know, I would love to get married when I can leave the office and make a home for you, and when we can look ahead to our future. We must discuss this and decide definitely.
No I have not found out whether I can leave or not, but I wonder if it would be patriotic to do so, unless I was definitely taking up nursing at the same time. I have found out that soldiers wives are entitled to special leave without pay, providing the department can authorise it, this making total leave up to about 24 days in any year.
Well, strange enough, this weekend has gone fairly quickly. Nancy was at home with me yesterday evening, while Mother, Daddy and Joyce went to Cricklewood. Nancy was full of talk as usual and I heard all the Crawley scandal. Crawley seems to be full of accidents. She told me of one girl, Ruby, who was nearly drowned in the bath on Friday night. Apparently the poor girl fainted and in doing so, knocked some huge ornament over, which noise brought the landlady's daughter up to see what had happened and found Ruby with her head under water. After a struggle, they managed to rescue her and put her to bed. Ruby remembered having a beautiful kind of dream while her head was under water – a second later, she would have been drowned. What a horrible experience!!!
This morning, I cooked the dinner. I was kitchen maid as usual. Never mind, I suppose it's all practice. Well now, John Comber is not far away from you in Pembrokeshire, but I don't know where at present. Also, you probably remember Marjorie Pugh, her house is somewhere in Swansea. I have an idea her father and mother keep a farm.
Dad is fire-watching tonight, so we had just a hen party for tea today.
Well, I am hoping to see you soon, ever so soon, but you must not tire yourself out with weekend journeys.
I will write again soon, please excuse this scribble,

All my love Margaret

PS Please keep tin, as they are so difficult to get these days.

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