Sunday, 15 January 2012

Margaret Robinson to Tom Critchley 6.1.42

I now have two letters to answer. A lovely long one from yesterday and I was surprised to receive another one today. It warms my heart to hear from you and know what you are doing. I did not write last night because Mrs Spindle came to tea and I had to show her all my presents & then we had to have a game of bridge, during which I was writing to Peter to thank him for the telegram etc that he sent on my birthday, and then after supper Daddy & I took Mrs Spindle home and walked back in the moonlight.
I has been cold here. It tried to snow yesterday, and since then it has just been getting colder, but I doubt whether we shall get any snow.
I'm very glad to hear Mrs Dowling is treating you well with plenty to eat. If you are going for all these lovely long walks you will need it, you have no need to think yourself selfish on such excursions, because you know how much I would like to be with you and I'd rather you go for a walk with Ron or George than not at all. The air must be refreshing after London – go hiking as much as possible because hard work (I presume it is hard work) is made easier by the refreshment of fresh air and exercise. Well you know what I mean. By the way, Mumbles sounds a funny place, are they all like that? Mumbo-Jumbo land eh?
You ask me if the gramophone is going alright. I had not played it until last night when Mrs, Spindle came, I had not the heart to. We shall have many happy days with that won't we? I don't know when I'm going to get some more records, but anyway I have enough to go on with, don't you think so? I tremble to think what Mrs Dowling thought of when you sang in your bath. Still perhaps she thought it was the parrot next door. I'm rather rude I suppose, but you know the Welsh people are great singers – very musical... You must sing with me next time you come home, after all that practice.
I hate to think of you eating sea-weed. It wasn't really – was it? Are the Welsh people in the habit of trying to poison their lodgers like this? Is it the real stuff or another name like "Welsh Rabbit?" You stick to Roast Lamb etc.
What about P.T? I think you mentioned it in your letter to your mother & father, and have said nothing about it since. What a shame if you don't have it. I know you like it. Never mind get up and so the exercises early in the morning with what's his name on the wireless.
You mentioned chocolate in your last letter perhaps by the time you get this letter you will have received the cakes & sandwich bar which I posted on Monday. I can get the loose chocolates anytime at 1/8 per quarter pound, but I don't think its worth it do you? I will do my best for you, but can't promise every week. At any rate you must look after your teeth now you are out of the Dental Corps, or Freddie will be after you.
Isn't it lovely to think of our honey moon. Yes, where shall we go? Lake District is rather a long way don't you think? But it would be lovely. I think the south would be better really unless we get married at 9 O'clock in the morning.
Nothing else has happened re; Jock. Give the poor girl a chance!!!
You know John Hunt don't you? Well he was engaged in November last and is to be married this month about the 28th. The girl is only 20, not 21 until May, but of course he is nearly 30 and I suppose anxious to settle down. We can console ourselves with the fact that ours is not a hasty war-time marriage, don't you think? Mother wishes we could leave it until the hot weather because she fears she will need a new coat and had hoped only to get a new frock!!!
Barry and Deirdre are coming to tea tomorrow (Wednesday) to see my presents. What a shame you can't be here, but I expect you would be bored, don't you think so? Nancy turned her nose up when we said they were coming.
We, that is mother and me, may go to see Deanna Durbin's film "It Started with Eve" on Friday. It's at the Dominion. I look forward to seeing you soon.

All my love


PS Shandy sends kisses, licks, licks. I will write tomorrow if possible.

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