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Margaret to Tom 1 April 1942

Thank you so much for the surprise letter which I received yesterday. I am now at the office for fire watching and fear I will not be able to say much because I am now wanted for Table Tennis downstairs. I don't get a minute's peace do I?
Well I really do not know what to say because I'm feeling very excited at the prospect of a lovely week end, so I'm saving everything until them.
Thursday Morning
I knew I couldn't be allowed to be alone long yesterday, anyway I shall write what I can between times today.
To begin with we had a very nice fire watch last night ending as usual about 2.00 am Mr Davies & Ethel went to a late tea and did not return until 8.45 pm. In the meanwhile I had several games of table tennis with Mr Graddon, and then I went up to Mr Cordial who by the way is the Christadelphian and very very sincere. I really went up to ask him to have a game of table tennis, but got caught talking & it ended up by having about 1 hours scripture lesson, He is very interesting & could go on for hours talking about the Bible, because he knows it so well and keeps proving things to you. I was really longing for someone to rescue me. He was telling me all he believes (or at least part). As I think I told you before he believes in the 2nd coming of Christ which he thinks will be very soon. All is written in 21st chapter of Luke. No doubt you know all about it. I dare say you would be very interested in having a talk with him. I know that whatever I said would not make the slightest difference to his beliefs, so I just stood or rather sat numb. He believes that absolutely everything that is written either in parables or meanings of dreams etc has either come to pass or will soon. The world is in a terrible state at the moment and will be worse. He is not worried because it's got to be until Christ comes on earth again, & I suppose put an end to the chaos in the world today. But he rambled on so, I didn't get a chance to ask him to prove the actual time that the 2nd coming should be. Anyway I can't quite see where all this study is leading him. I admit its a very good sort of hobby , but what can he do? If as he says all these prophesies have to come to pass, what can be done but just to sit and wait, and live the life that any Christian or Moslem or Bhuddist (is that spelt correctly?) should live. Enough of this, if I carry on much longer I shall be sucked up by the dust which appears to surround past history, and all my youth, beauty, everything will be smashed to atoms, and I shall appear as one haggard holding up all the corders of the world on my shoulders.
Well the gramophone recital was excellent, I will show you the programme when I see you on Saturday. Mr Davies told me Mr Sainsbury thinks that you are coming here on leave and that I am not travelling as you see why it was the leave was approved so easily, so now I have to keep quiet and be careful what I say. Thanks to Mr Davies who informed Mr S you were coming home.
Dad has just phoned me to say he managed to get my ticket for Saturday and found out that the 8.55 train should arrive about 1.39 so that is better than I thought. It must be a fast train. It will probably be late, but at least I have the benefit of feeling excited at seeing my darling again & knowing that we shall be able to be out all Saturday afternoon and evening & Sunday & perhaps Monday. Isn't it lovely?
I 'm very sorry I made no reference to Horace (tom's car) in my letter the other day regarding the prospective owner. Well I told you a bit on the phone. The man (Mr Clarke) wants a modern one which is in good running condition. The battery conked out, so I think that perhaps made him make up his mind that he would not have it, but anyway he did not say anything definite but one thing he did admit was that it is well kept inside, the upholstery etc. Bob phoned up on Tuesday evening. he apparently had a good weekend, but has now developed an awful cold. he had an offer of £15 for the car. What a cheek, isn't it? We would rather keep it, don'y you agree? In fact I'm not sure if we won't have to keep it after all.
I'm longing to see you, all being well on Saturday when I will enlarge on all I have said,

all my love & kisses,


PS I have written this letter very badly, but will you forgive me? I might add that Mr Cordial goes to meetings about 3 times a week and studies the Bible continually.

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