Thursday, 12 April 2012

Margaret to Tom, spring 1942


Your letter arrived at 11 pm today, so once again thank you very much indeed for your lovely long letter.
First I must tell you since I cannot be there to take you that you must go and see the doctor post haste please. Styes and ulcers are not in the least nice to have and definitely show that you need a tonic. Either you are doing too much hard work and your nerves are affected, or else Swansea air or water does not suit you. I know you have a cycle run to get there , but surely you could go during your study hours. Only once these styes etc begin I believe they sometimes keep coming unless something is done to prevent them. Mother suggests that you rub your stye with a gold weeding ting, but as you haven't got one yet, I can only suggest that you take your tooth out! But seriously, if you can borrow some gold ring or something gold, I think this is supposed to be a cure. I can only suggest that you use good soap for instance. I can always recommend Cuticura soap, so ask your land lady if she can get this for you, or ask her to let you have your coupons. By this, I'm not suggesting the ulcers are outside your mouth, but I think Cuticura will assist in in its own small way.
Well, yesterday I was fire watching at this time. Of course I didn't feel so well all day yesterday, so naturally I didn't enjoy the gramophone recital as much as I ought. I arrived back at the office about 7.20. Mr Graddon and Mr Brigdon were playing table tennis, so of course they wanted me to play, nevertheless I didn't do so badly. Ethel and Mr D had gone out to tea and they did not arrive back until 8.15. I was beginning to "think things" by that time. However, we had tea , sandwiches and cakes at 8.45 and settled down to the gramophone recital at 9.00. They are all classical pieces and a bit too heavy for my liking. I think you have to feel in the mood for music like that. I could never have stuck it, but for my knitting. There were 24 records altogether. I will show you the programme later when you are home. Mr D had only played five records when in walked the new staff controller, Mr Langford, and he wanted a cut of tea, so we had to make one for him. He is staying at the office for this week & floats in on all the fire watches. He seems very jolly and is a complete contrast to Mr Coutts who is shortly going to Leeds – a very la-di-da person. Mr Langford is young, about 40, and certainly believes in moving freely with the staff & getting to know them. One of the classical pieces Mr D played will live in our memory for this reason. Mr Davies said it was his father's favourite record and he is decidedly "low brow". At this, Mr Langford simply roared with laughter and set us all laughing. He has such a hearty laugh that you simply can't help joining in. He had to tell Mr Sainsbury this morning & several other people, so poor Mr Davies will have to be careful with his words in future.
Rene and Isabel are leaving on Friday week. they have just heard they are to go to Edinburgh. Poor Rene is quite annoyed at the distance she has to go, but Isabel is highly delighted for her home is only a few miles out of Edinburgh. Isn't she lucky?
Yes I should love to have Saturday morning off when you are up for the weekend, and travel with you to the "wicked metropolis". It would also be a good idea to have dinner in this "place of sin." But what about that walk we were going to have? Would you rather see "Tales of Hoffnung?" or go when you have a week's leave? If Doug is home, Bob would like to come perhaps these two would like to go for a walk.
I like your sermons very much, but what I want to know is this, what sort of sermons do you give the household, and do they take the same form as mine? By the way, I suppose I must forgive you regarding your treatment of Algy, but remember these things are only sent to try us. (Algy being one of the things). And surely he needs converting and making more human. His wife must be as bad as him, for otherwise she would have moulded him into shape by this time.
How interesting to know your Mr Redman has been appointed Principal private secretary to Sir J Grigg By the way, when Sir James was appointed as secretary of state. The paper headlines read "Civil Servant War Minister." I think this was possibly slightly sarcastic don't you???
Yes, I was hoping the Germans would not try attacking our Radio-location posts. I thought of you immediately I heard & hoped you would not be stationed at a very vulnerable point.
Well I am sending this chocolate etc to you for this coming weekend and for your train journey the following weekend. I thought, if I left it, I might just as well keep it until you come home.
I must close now,
So good night,
All my love,
Margaret. xxx

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