Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Margaret to Tom April 1942

Margaret to Tom April 2012

Thank you very much for your two letters which I received today. One first thing at the office & the other at home. By the way, the post you always seem to catch is 8.45 pm and I should have received the last but one & the last but two earlier.
It is very sad you lost 3 marks on the latest test. I presume that it is scaled down to 18 out of 20. You will have to make the final 40 out of 40, won't you? Besides there is always a chance that sergeant instructors or some other warrant officers are needed by the time you have finished the course. After what the adjutant told you it would be a pity to drop marks on the finals wouldn't it?
Nancy & I and Shandy went for a walk this afternoon & ended up at the shops at Barnet. We went and had a cup of tea & cake at a Home Made Cake shop. we always believe in doing ourselves well these days. While in Barnet we met Mr & Mrs Hibbert, also Reggie, Mrs Luckin & Noelle & Brenda Sheers. Brenda says Norma is enjoying life very well and is now in Lowestoft, so of course cannot get home so frequently.
This evening Nancy & I went to deliver some more of my tennis cards. We called on Marjorie Pugh who told us she will not be able to join this year as she has managed to obtain a job at home, six miles from her house. You know she lives near Swansea. Well, immediately I told her you were there, she said you must call on her people. They would be very pleased to see you any day for lunch, tea or supper. She has given me her address, so you must go sometime before you leave Swansea. I expect her parents would be pleased to see you as you know Marjorie a bit. She is coming down to Swansea next week-end and is coming by the 08.55 am train on Thursday, the one I would have caught had I been coming down that day, she is returning on April 13th. It is a pit isn't it that we cannot travel down together.
The other evening I went to see Ida Moore about the tennis club. Ida was not in, but I saw Mrs Moore & Richard, who told me Ida had wondered whether we would of could carry on without you. I expect they think you are the life and soul of the tennis club. Richard is waiting to be called up, so will possibly come along until he goes.

Sunday Afternoon
Today we have been busy as usual. It's a glorious day here, so spring like that I must take Shandy for a fairish long walk. So I'm afraid I shall not be able to fill up another piece of paper. At any rate I really haven't any more news for you,
I'm longing for your phone call this evening and I hope you have not been trying to drown yourself this week end or doing anything that Ronald might do. How is the finger? You didn't say how you did it, except that you had an argument with mother earth.
Well, all my love, I hope to be with you this time next week.
Re; Marjorie's address. You have to take a bus from the station which will put you down outside their house. Apparently you ask for Trinity place,

All my kisses and everything,


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