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Margaret to Tom 23.3.1942


Thank you very much for the letter which I received today. I am writing this letter in bed tonight, so I don't know how it will turn out. Only I'm continually thinking of you before I go to sleep & I thought perhaps inspiration would be more forthcoming. So if I fade out, you will know I'm just getting a bit drowsy.
I have had rather a hectic evening. Your father rang up and wanted the log book of our car and also the expired license because his has gone wrong and he may or may not have to license ours. Actually, he will only need the car for a week, and if he can possibly get to business another way, he will do so, anyway I went up with the necessary this evening. On returning, Shandy & I must have just missed a bus, because we waited at Enfield West for 10 minutes & a bus came along which was turning back, so I decided to walk home & not one bus passed me all the way, so I was thankful I had not waited. Luckily it was fairly light, otherwise I could never have nerved it. I called in at the rectory with my magazine bit and Mrs Wood told me the mag bits had already gone & that the magazine would be out on Thursday. However, she was going to ring Mr Wood to ask the printers if it could go in. I was surprised as this is only the 23rd. Mr wood did not let me have a card about it this time.
You apparently did not tell your mother and father what the adjutant told you, so I showed them the bit in my letter,
I want to go to the pictures tomorrow, either to see "It started with Eve" or "Darngerous Moonlight", which, by the way, brings in the Warsaw concerto. My decision on this lies in other's hands. I have promised two people I would go with them – that is Ethel and Mrs Harding. However, we might get over this difficulty by going to both this week.

Tuesday morning

I faded out after all last night. It has now been decided that I go with Ethel to see "Dangerous Moonlight" tonight and "It started with Eve" tomorrow as Ethel is not keen on going to both. I really don't know how I'm going to do it. It is a pity I have to pay for all my amusements now, but perhaps you will make up for it either when I come down at Easter or when you come home on leave.
Well now darling about this Easter holiday. I don't know if Mr Sainsbury will let me have the Saturday morning if he thinks I'm going to travel. that was my idea in the first place of coming down on Thursday and returning on the Tuesday. Well now I cannot do that because you have a lot of work to do, and also I really feel I would rather save the leave until you are free on 7 days. So it means if I come down I must travel at Easter , Good Friday & perhaps return on the Monday. Another alternative if you are working in the Saturday morning would be for me to travel down on Saturday morning. That is working Friday & so getting a day in lieu & return some time on Tuesday.anyway let me know what you think about this. I do not want to hinder you in any way. Joyce went to see Mary Bosler on Sunday, who is on leave from the Wrens at Lowestoft, and, apparently Sir Stafford Cripps's daughter is working at the same place. I thought you might be interested in this. (I don't mean in the daughter).
I should love to hear the results of your discussion with Bill about girls. The qualities a girl looks for in a fellow I should say are the following.
Tall, dark and handsome, these are probably the usual, but as the first two do not apply to you, it must be the last and many many more good qualities.
Well now don't make yourself ill by swimming in the cold cold sea. It certainly seems rather early to begin such things, but knowing you I suppose we must expect anything!!!
I cannot think of anything else to say, except you have not answered my letter iwth reference to Ronald and I would like to know what you think.
All my love,


PS do you really like lager? What about getting real wine?
I didn't tell you I thought of getting sometime a book on gardening called "Mr Middleton Suggests". I got it out of the library & it looks quite good. We shall have to have one, one day, don't you think?
Here's hoping you are still alive


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