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Margaret to Tom 9th April 1942

Margaret to Tom 9.4.42

Thank you darling for your letter which I received when I got home this evening. I do hope you are not suffering from overwork, only you dated your letter 9th which was really Tuesday 7th and also you put Monday, but I must say I've been all out in my own calculation of the days this week. Tomorrow is Friday and & I really can't believe it, and next Friday you will be at home. All these good things come to an end sometimes don't they. I'm afraid I'm really longing to leave the office and stay with you when we are married. It would be lovely wouldn't it, but I don't suppose its possible.
What do you mean by "Mrs D doesn't know my funny little ways" I thought it was you who had all the funny little ways??? You are getting all mixed up.
No I have certainly not caught a cold from getting so wet. Isn't it wondrous? I seem to have followed the rain clouds because Tuesday on the way home from Arnos Grove Station the rain simply pelted down and yesterday it rained a wee bit just April showers & today it has been raining all day.
Yes I certainly remember the loud bang. I thought is was thunder. I suppose we wouldn't have been far from the bomb if we have been at the Langland Bay Hotel. Fate was kind I suppose.
I shall probably tell the rector of our decision to get married in the summer athough I expect he would like to see us. I wonder what he will talk about!!! You know he usually gives the couple a sermon on their wedding, but just for themselves, so I think it would be better to ask him to say whatever he has to say.

Friday Afternoon
Now darling, I have just thought of something. Next Friday you know you said you will come fire watching with me well, do you think you could possibly come in uniform. I know this is asking you to do something which you hate doing, but could you possibly do this please? I'll tell you the reason. It's only in case Mr Grant or anyone else might pop in during the evening, only naturally during the war we are not supposed to have an outsider in the office, although we do not have to have an armed guard or commissionaire on the door. Only I would like to show you round the whole place. So do you think you could do this for me?
What a pity you did not give me the envelope, if I had known you had gone to the trouble of putting a stamp on and my address, I would certainly not have told you I had bought one, anyway it would have done for another time.
So you tipped Dr Starkey after all. Well I am surprised, though seriously I do hope you managed to get full marks on the practical and the theoretical. How did Bill get on. Give him my love won't you!!!!! and also to Thurley, Spedding (whatever his name is) and Pedro, Ron and George, that is, if there is any left after helping yourself.And don't be greedy, 'cos after all, I must have my last fling musn't I?
I heard today that the Good Friday pay should amount to about 15/-, and that is because we are paid at the rate of an extra day & a half. I only hope this is correct. I will finish this at the office tomorrow as I am very tired. By the way I have not heard from Bob today, so I don't know if there is any hope of selling the car.
All my love,


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