Sunday, 15 April 2012

Margaret to Tom, a Monday in April 1942

I am feeling much better this evening, you will be thankful to hear, though of course by no means completely well. I went to bed last night at 8.00pm feeling I could not stay up an hour longer. These last few days I have felt very tired and wobbly at the knees. However this will no doubt wear off. Ethel was feeling like this a few weeks ago, so I think the complaint is quite general. I have no temperature, so can't be so bad.
I am writing this at the office while waiting for Ethel and Mr Davies, who have gone out to tea, as I am fire watching. Mr Cordial is on sick leave today & Mr Addson, who is taking his place, is not coming back here until 10.00, so I have arranged to go home later this evening. I am just going to make myself a cup of tea and have some cake, as I cannot do without it. I shall probably leave here at 6.00 pm.
Mr Sainsbury cannot understand why I am only having a week in July. I said I shall probably want a day or two beforehand. Mr Sainsbury seems to think a fortnight would be ideal thing, so it would, but for the war. He also wanted to know if I am staying on. Well I shall have to check won't I, but in these times I see no alternative but to carry on as usual don't you?
I enquired of the Black and White coaches today. They leave Sundays 10.30 and I forget the later one, but anyway there is one, and if I want to book I have to go along to the agent in my district which they told me is 3 Ballards Lane, so whether that is Church End or the other end, I do not know, by anyway I will go along and book tomorrow.
I will finish this letter when I receive yours. I was extremely worried as to how you got on. I do hope you are not in clink. anyway I am hoping your letter will be at home when I arrive.
All my love,

Monday Evening continued 9.05pm

I found your lovely long letter awaiting me when I arrived home this evening. I am very glad to know everything went well. Another thing I am grateful for is your decision of this marriage business. You have put my very thoughts into words, what I have been aching to say and could not. As you say, uncertainty is so distressing to harmony.
We are having a very quiet fire watch this evening. No gramophone, no wireless going, but just us three sitting here – reading or writing – needless to say I am the one writing, but I am now beginning to feel very tired, so perhaps I will close in a few moments and add a bit tomorrow morning.
We have had some rain at last. I rained yesterday evening and during the night so perhaps the Rectory grass will no be so bad after all this year.
I hope the cake I have sent you was not too hard, let me know what it was like.
Good night darling,


Tuesday afternoon

Fire watching went very well last night. After writing to you I asked the others if they would not like their coffee then but they both said no, let's wait until 12. , it was then 11.30. well 11.45. I got so tired of waitng & was so comfortable that I just dropped off to sleep until 12.50. Then I made coffee and went to bed. Mr Davies is really very domesticated and makes us very comfortable. Perhaps in the near future you will be able to make us as comfortable as he does. anyway I will have to give you a few tips won't I?
I have just obtained a large bottle of Virol, so I shall be alright now. In fact I will grow so fit you will not know me.
I'm calling at North Finchley tonight to book tickets,

I must stop now,
all my love, hugs and kisses and everything,


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