Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Margaret to Tom 20.3.1942

It is now clear the two undated letters published earlier this year must have been written on 17th and 18th of March. BC

Thank you so much for your letter which i received on return from lunch.
I'm very glad you are safe now. I thought the war office would not be quite so mad as to send you after all the fuss that was made. I suppose in the circumstances it would have been better for you to have notified the war office that you were no longer A.C.O. Anyway its lovely to know you are alright now, and might after all receive a wonderful award for all your hard work.
I have been wondering about the weekend we were to have. I think it would be rather ridiculous for me to come down on the 10th when you will be coming home on the 15th. If the week end has to be put off I would rather save my 3 days & have them on your weeks leave, when perhaps we could spend the money on theatres, dinners, etc. I admit the scenery would not be so nice, but I was looking forward to coming down again sometime. What is Ron's wife doing? Is she coming down at Easter? I don't know what I shall do Easter Monday, only we cannot have that day in lieu as far as I know. Can't you arrange to have the final before Easter, only it would have been so convenient. I could have travelled down on the Friday (if there are any trains running) and come home on the Monday, only taking 1 day's leave and not wasting the Monday. Anyway, perhaps next week will bring a new idea.
Mother heard that Don Pomfret is missing, Mrs P heard officially from the War Office. Perhaps he is a prisoner of war, we can only hope so anyway. The AGM of the Tennis Club has now been fixed to 18th again. The rector made a mistake in the date of his Sunday School meeting, so that would make it awkward for the weekend after Easter wouldn't it? You must take it easy after being knocked out on Monday. I think you'd better not play rugger lest it knocks you out altogether.
Well I knew there was something else to tell you, but `i have simply forgotten , so it must wait, and I meanwhile must do some work. I spent this morning writing to Lily who was 21 on Wednesday. We had mistaken the date so our present will be late as usual.
Ethel & I went to get the present at lunch time today. We went to Priors and they just happened to have had some writing cases in at 15/11. We had not enough money on us, so we had to leave it to be called for this afternoon. We are a couple really! I had about 9/6d and Ethel had 5/-/ We are badly in need of pay day.
Well, I must stop now. Here's hoping you have a good weekend,
All my love,

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