Sunday, 10 February 2013

Margaret to Tom 25.5.42

53 Buckingham, Whetstone N 20

 My dear Tom,
We have both enjoyed ourselves very much this weekend. It has made quite a change for both of us although naturally we would have preferred better weather. We were very lucky to have such a lovely evening last night. The Hotel has cost us just over 15 shillings each. 15 shilling plus five pence h'penny to be correct, which I think is not bad considering tea and lunch and and tips is included in that (tips amounted to 2/11d), which is taken in proportion to the amount of money spent. It was certainly a very comfortable hotel and as Nancy always says, it would be nice if mother could have the same chance & change. I do not think she has ever been in a posh hotel. Remember us both won't you, to Bill on Thursday. I do hope you will not lose sight of them both, because they are such very sincere friends. Now to get on the subject of our honeymoon. Having just seen a young coule about to embark on it tonight, it is really making me jealous. So lets think about all these nice places of couse we shall have plenty of time to discuss it next weekend (the pen hs run dry and I must continue in pencil.)When I was round at your home last week, your father wanted to know where we were going so I said we had wanted to go to Lynmouth, but if you were only having 48 hours, it would be in the Thames Valley. Maidenhead, Cookham, Henley on Thames, Marlow and Windsor and very nice places aren't they? And of course they are not far from home. Anyway, we shall see, because we want to have a very happy and very good honeymoon, I think we shall also require very nice scenery, because I don't suppose we shall want to spend all the time in bed, do you??? I do hope the cake has not had to join the rocks on top of the Cotswolds. I hope by now you have eaten it and it has not made you ill. It is now 4.30 and we have just left Gloucester and it is still very miserable out. Did you pay Bill for the supper last night? I hope so, otherwise I don't suppose he will be able to visit Chepstow next weekend. 6.00pm We have just arrived at Swansea and this time have not had to change thank goodness. The train is not absolutely packed out, although the people who have just got in are standing in the corridor, but are not squashed like sardines. I meant to have told you about the furniture I saw in Gloucester at Bon Marche. We saw a really lovely bedroom suite, just the type I like, but I believe it was rather dark for the bedside table which you purchased some time ago. It was a very exorbitant price £78.12.6d, but seemed from the window a lovely suite of furniture. Well darling, I will close this now in case there is a late post at Paddington in which case you will know tomorrow that we arrived safely. If not, I will add a bit more and post it in the morning, All my love, Margaret

 11.00 Well here I am again. I have just had a hot bath after getting soaked, so am now feeling very much refreshed in bed. Nancy and I arrived home at 9.15 and much to our dismay, found the herd of relatives had not departed. Mr Bond and Marjorie had joined the party today. They (that is Mr Bond and M) took Joyce for a car ride to Ken Wood and they had lunch there. Apparently it did not rain here until 3.00pm, although I am sure the weather was dull before that. Yes, our train arrived exactly to time, not a minute late. I only hope you will do as well on Friday next. Or shall we, to be on the safe side, meet each other in London and go to some hotel, have a glass of champagne and spend the night. I am a wicked girl, but that would be ideal, if we were married wouldn't it? Only without the champagne, that would not be necessary would it? I have just remembered that I shall be fire watching on Thursday night, so I shall have to go to bed very very early tomorrow & Wednesday and you must do the same, because I know late nights never agree with you. I did not tell you that after our visit to Gloucester we arrived in Cheltenham about 12.30 and as dinner at the Fleece was not until 1.00pm, we decided to look at the museum. Have you been to the museum (the one, maybe the only one) in the road opposite the Fleece. It is certainly very interesting and I dare say you and the others would be more interested in it than I was. There are some very modern war pictures in oil paintings, most of which are very clear and very well done. Other interesting things include articles from a copy of the Times from about 1840 and quite funny. Well darling, thank you for the lovely walk last night. I am looking forward to Friday night very much indeed. All my love darling – work hard, Margaret

Tuesday morning, A glorious day today doesn't it make you mad. I expect that is because you are going to have this afternoon off. I could not post this earlier because the last post in London goes at 6.30pm. It really is disgraceful.

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