Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Margaret to Tom 21st May 1942

I am writing this in bed again, partly because I do not think I shall have much time for writing at the office tomorrow and partly because inspiration comes much better in my own room with the picture of Wastwater that you love so much near me. We have just returned home from Peter's party. Dad and I and Shandy followed Mother there and arrived at 6.45. We had tea at 7.00pm. I did not realise before I got there that Peter wanted mother and I to organise the games altogether. He 'phoned up on Thursday night and asked us to bring a few games and think of things, so we thought out pairs of famous people whereby each person has a name pinned on their back and they have to find their partner. We took the Beetle game along and we had 4 tables so made it a Beetle drive which lasted about an hour. I think they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We also had a Subject and Object game and table tennis. We had to leave at 10 pm because the last bus is 10.29 and one cannot risk so a late a bus with Shandy. Alan Cobden is home for a week again. He came home on Wednesday. Betty seems to have arranged everything very badly this time because she is going out tomorrow evening with some girl friends, one of whom she has not seen for ages, and they are going to a show – then on Saturday, Betty's choir is doing a show. So I have suggested Betty sends Alan down to the club tomorrow evening so that we can look after him, but I don't know if he will come. You will be pleased to hear that al last I have had a talk with Mrs Solomon on the subject of marriage. She told me that many girls would hive anything to be in her position because she has now been married 7 years and naturally would like to start a family and is living in hopes that one day she will be lucky and get pregnant. But for the war and her work she would see a doctor. Of course we didn't go deeply into the subject.. I'm really longing for the new life of ours because I understand married life is so different and I expect we shall be able to fathom things our for ourselves later won't we? I will add a bit more tomorrow if I have time. All my love, Margaret Friday morning I have just been the rounds of the sweet shops gathering bits here and there. I have not much, but certainly a bit, which will sustain you for a time. I will try and make a cake for you over the week end but I cannot promise. If I hear nothing different we will meet you outside the Fleece Hotel at 6.25 pm on Sunday, All my love Margaret.

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