Sunday, 10 March 2013

Margaret to Tom 26.5.42

My Dear Tom,

I wonder if the weather has been as bad at Cheltenham as it was here today. I believe I told you in my last letter that this morning was glorious. Well it was until all of a sudden it rained – then it stopped and I went to business unprepared for a rainy day. After lunch it started again and simply pelted down as it did yesterday. I waited at the office until 5.30 occupying my time by writng a letter so fortunately I did not get another wetting. This evening the sky is really lovely, bright blue with pure white clouds passing overhead.
I spoke to your mother on the phone this evening as she wanted to know how we got on and how you were. I did not tell her you were expecting to stay here the night (Friday) because I know how she probably feels about it. But I must leave the decision to you entirely. We should very much like you to stay here and will prepare for it, but if your mother really wants you home, you can go by bike, but I do not really want you to have the cycle ride after such a tiring journey.
Now I want to talk business. I have been thinking about this marriage allowance I am going to get. I do not know if it will be deducted from your civil pay. I was talking to Winnie about it today and she does not think it will be deducted but we must not count on this. Do you know how much it will be? I think it should be more than £1 a week but even if is is one pound it is worth being married for the extra £52 a year against the £30 for a dowry, if you get my meaning and that is if it is a separate allowance. I shall have that all to myself won't I darling. I'm feeling quite rich already, still I suppose when we  have paid rent, food etc there will not be much left. One of the girls at the office is getting a marriage allowance of £1.15.0, but I expect that is for the length of service of her husband.
Your mother had rather a disappointment through not being able to understand your writing. she thought you were coming up on Friday night and going back Tuesday. Apparently you said you had to be in on Sunday by 8.00 pm and she read your Sunday as Tuesday. But I told her I was definitely sure and sorry, but the army is not like that.
Well darling I will finish now and write more when I have heard from you,
So all my love darling,
PS I had a dream last night about the preparations for the wedding. I had forgotten to have my hair permed and I was in an awful mess. Tom I know that with all this time to prepare, I'm sure to forget something.
Darling thank you very much for your letter which I have just received. I'm so sorry you missed that bus through coming almost as far as the station with me. I suppose you were not so fortunate in getting a hot bath on reaching your destination as I was.
You express this marriage business so beautifully. I only hope we shall not be able to manage in the way you say. I'm sure we shall feel quite different about it when we are married though.
Anyway lets talk about this on Friday.
Do not be surprised if I meet your train on Friday. Don't worry because I shall be alright if I do meet you. So don't stop to phone on arrival will you?

I must close now

all my love,


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