Friday, 15 June 2012

Margaret to Tom 18th May 1942

Well I do hope you and Bill arrived back safely and are not feeling too tired today. Anyway, we had a glorious weekend, even if we did a good bit of dashing about. The only thing I fear is your mother did not see enough of you. I know now that as the weeks are gradually drawing nearer and as you and I are both feeling more and more happy about our marriage your mother is beginning to realise what it will all mean to her. Its no good you shutting your eyes to the fact because I know its true and the muddle of the arrangements for the past weekend, just about finished things. So although I know you had a good bit to think about during the last week, but I think you had better write to your mother and tell her all about it (that is concerning the arrangements) bearing in mind we did not know if you would be early on Friday or extremely late. I know it is difficult for you Tom, away from home, but I know she is expecting you to be a bit more thoughtful at present. I am sure too that it is thought that I am rushing this wedding because I have to see to most of the arrangements. So will you please write and tell your mother everything. Its certainly not so good when all the news comes from me. Although we have told them several times that the furniture is going to live round at my home and that we shall have two rooms at home, they still want to know where we are going to live. Your Ma asked us during the course of your bath yesterday, so Bill spoke up for us and said that he thought that during the war the answer was obvious. I was almost told off for not buying you a more useful present for the wedding – heaven knows what business it is of other peoples as long as we give each other what we want. Forgive this little spurt won't you Tom, but I have the Monday morning feeling at the moment, and I am feeling and I know Nancy agrees, that I am getting all the blame for these deeds. I know these are only petty details and you usually shut your eyes to such things, but it would be nicer for me if you could explain everything in your own words, and of course do not mention the fact that I have said anything or been grumbling to you. I know life has it ups and downs, but every cloud has a sliver lining. Will you see what you can do about making up a hymn for the wedding. I think it would be really lovely if you could and add to the enjoyment of the actual service and be really good when we look back on it in several years time. I have just had to make an envelope and I think you will agree with me that the result is a proper "stitch up" in the real sense of the word. Today is very dull. No sun today and it is very dark, Novemberish. Tomorrow I am firewatching again and Mr Davies is going to perform with another gramophone recital and this time we are going to use Mr Graddon's gramophone, and Mr Addison is coming along I understand,specially to hear the "Moonlight Sonata". I will try and write tomorrow if I have any news, so good bye for the present and do not forget to a) see the MO and b) write to your mother. I hope all goes well with captain Duffy, All my love, Margaret

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