Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Margaret to Tom 4.5.42

4th May 1942 Thank you very much indeed for your letters two in one which arrived unopened yesterday – you must not be so careless next time – still I suppose you are too much alive for me to catch you out. (Tom had mentioned one of Margaret's letters had been opened, by the time he received it. She thought he meant she had left it open and is joking, he might do the same B.C.) I hope you enjoy yourself this next weekend. I shall think of you and your batchelor tribe, miles away in the country among the hills and trees of the Wyre Valley. You must tell me all about it – rmember Tom this is your last little holiday in your batchelor state – so make the most of your time before I have you in my little spider's web which is now undergoing the process of weaving. I think I'd better stop this chat before I put you off. because you are a "marked" man. Well this evening I have had an hour and a half of tennis. I have a new pupil, Evelyn. Otherwise Mrs H who has never played properly before, but anyway I did my best, though of course I do not profess to be a good coach or at best, not anywhere near as good as you. It's been very hot today, exceedingly hot, so I feel quite hoarse this evening after delivering all my tennis instructions. The greatest news of the day is that Heydrich the Great is really and truly dead. It's a pity in a way because if any one should have suffered from a disability, he should have done. I do feel that the only way in which these people's souls can be changed is by some lasting complaint. Most blind, deaf or dumb people have such a patient and Christian personality, such wonderful characters, which have developed since the time they were smitten. I think that, if all murderers and all dictators after the war could be smitten in one of these ways, their hearts would be softened and their deeds of wickednes forgiven before leaving this earth. Well I must make my way up to bed now, so all my love until tomorrow. Margaret

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