Friday, 7 January 2011

Tom Critchley to his sister Mary Platt January 7th 1941

My Dear Mary,

Millom rang us up on Saturday night, so I thought I would have a bob's worth & give you a ring last night. I tried for 3 hours but had no luck, I expect it was because we had a lively, noisy, evening. There certainly was plenty of noise, but around here very little after effects to show for it. Snow doesn't keep Jerry away; it has been snowing today & off & on all day he has been hovering about. It's a strange thing but at night we hear him & the guns bang overhead & we go to bed. In the day time for less we go in shelters, or are supposed to; it was too cold today & one preferred to be bombed in comfort. Some of the planes were very low today, so low the gunners outside the works rigged up a Lewis gun but had no luck.
What a pity you can't get somebody to deliver one of your bottles of whisky to this address. Not that I drink the stuff except as medicine, but I do find that a tot in some hot milk on the first signs of a cold will often do more good than the ordinary remedies. I bought half a bottle just before Christmas as our supply, bought about 18 months ago (a half bottle), had all been boozed. We hadn't a drop of wine in the house, this Christmas save for some Raisin wine left from Tom's 21st Birthday do. As neither of us wanted it, I didn't see the fun of buying it for other folks in these days of economy.
We have just had a letter from Ronald, he has been enjoying a visit to an ancient Samaritan & amongst other interesting things was shown this chief treasure – a roll of scriptures 3.000 years old. It was the Pentateuch, the only part of the Bible they use. There are very few true Samaritans left now.
A week last night Jerry made a mess, but then I remember I told you about that do last week, so I won't inflict it on you again.
Tell Mollie I'll read "The Moses books" & see what they have to say about the places Ronald has been to.
Love to you all from us both,


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