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Letter from Tom Critchley to Mary Platt 6.12.1940

Letter to Mary Platt 6.12.40

My Dear Mary,
I had a letter from Seth this week; he is still playing with the thoughts of sending Biddy to that school & seems more than half inclined to do it.
He says he is breaking new ground for once in a way. I reminded him that we too broke new ground when we send out son to the 4 corners of the earth, to be a guide & father to those less fortunate bretheren in the wider open spaces.
Tom is now at Chelsea barracks among the guards & seems to have settled down quite comfortably. On the whole he is pretty fortunate being so near home & can get off now for most weekends. He went to Cambridge last weekend to see Jones. Ronald's school pal, & took, in the car with him, the 3 Robinson girls.
When you say you couldn't get a word in edgeways the other day, it seemed hardly believable; but on consideration, there are one or two folks round here who could beat any gramophone records.
I remember the night the ceiling fell & remember too when you didn't believe us when we assured you we hadn't been bombed. If we had ceilings like that in this house, they would have been down long ago. I guess a good many houses will be in a bad state before it is all over. I hear of folks on our estate who are complaining about their window frames coming away from the brickwork as a result of gunfire.
The other evening when Tom rang us up & the guns were doing their stuff, I thought then if only you could ring us up you no doubt would enjoy listening to our front door shivering as the fireworks went off. Our telephone is in the hall near the front door, the gun battery is opposite the front door & when they fire overhead, there is an incredible clatter if you haven't heard it before.
(I am touching wood) We have lately been let off very lightly. Last Thursday and Friday weren't too good, but since then, apart from a nasty few minutes one day, there has been little that's been really annoying.
It looks as if the battle of London is going to be an ignominious defeat for Adolf.
By the way, have you heard that friend Musso assured his pal Adolf that he has every reason to believe the Italian Army was still in good running order?
Tonight is very windy, but fine, but so far our guns here only burst into song once, so it doesn't look as if anything much is in the air. Usually, Friday night is a bad night for us.
Nothing happened last night. This week has been the quietest week since August, so perhaps our bad time is coming to an end.

Love to you all 3 from us both,


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