Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Tom Critchley to his sister Mary Platt 25.10.1940/incendiaries

My dear Mary,
As I have written to Molliy there is little to tell you. 
I hear the Jerries have a new devilment. An incendiary with a small explosive charge in it, which charge only goes off after the magnesium has started to burn & so scattering it.
One is now advised to tackle incendiaries with a blanket held in front of one, lest it should start to pop.
Oh, by the way, the bomb I saw was dropped near the works on Sunday night & was stamped 1936!!!
A basket of incendiaries fell in Trent Park last night, the folks who saw them said they made a lovely sight. Trent Park is where Sassoon's place was and is now an interrogation centre for captured Jerries. It's a short mile from here.
By the way Harry, yes I'm writing to you too, the whole blinking family, here is a tip for a light in your day out. As you know the ordinary electric light of high voltage is unsafe unless properly earthed. Well, I bought a bell transformer for 5/6 & fitted that onto the wires from an electric light, then ran from the 8 volt tappings on the transformer through a switch to a 5 watt car side light bulb. You will find 3 tappings on the transformer 3, 5, or 8 volts so if you can't get a holder for a side light bulb, get a flash lamp, bulb & holder from Woollies & use that. If in doubt write & I'll go into full details. The flash lamp bulb will want the 3 volt tapping.
Jerry isn't a stayer these days, last night he came with a rush, then fizzled out again; the raid lasted for over 12 hours, but during the last 9 there were few planes about so we had a good night's sleep.
I've been working hard today, putting that curtain stuff on the windows "Nuart". It wouldn't be so bad, but we had rubber stuff to scrape off first.
Our next door neighbour had a French window smashed & this nuart stuff held every piece of glass & still holds it. If our windows go after all this trouble, won't I call Jerry names!
Love from us both,

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